Desert Fruit Farm in association with the representative of the Ministry of Education, Schools Inspector, Mrs Magdeman and the Counsellor of the Karas East Constituency Counsellor, D. Coetzee initialled a program of familiarisation with the Namibian Tertiary Structures . This program is focused primarily at the senior learners from the High Schools of the Karasberg area.

The program was a day of interaction and touring of the University of Namibia, Keetmanshoop Campus. Designed to familiarise the learners with what a university is and the benefits of Tertiary Education, as well as break down the barriers of apprehension and allowing the learners to understand how access to the esteemed University can be achieved.

Desert Fruit supports the drive and need for higher Education in the country of Namibia and actively recruits for training and interaction with the University of Namibia and other tertiary education operators within Namibia. Desert Fruit recognises that school leaving Learners need to have a competitive edge in the tough job market, whether as a trade or a knowledge worker. In an attempt to help familiarise school learners from the sparsely populated Karasberg constituency, Desert Fruit has worked with the Local Government structures, and sponsored a campus visit to UNam Keetmanshoop Campus.

“I together with my colleagues Mrs Magdeman and Counsellor Coetzee are hoping that this trip will boost the ambitions of the School Learners as they move through their final year. I also hope that the trip will remove some of the worry that university can be a scary and formidable place. Desert Fruit is proud to do our part in aiding the cause of education in the Karasberg area, and if this trip is successful we could make this an annual event.” commented Desert Fruit Director Mr Seth Holmes of the trip.