On 24 October 2019, a delegation of 18 senior military officers from the Namibia Command and Staff College based in Okahandja led by the Commandant of the College, Brigadier General Mathew Shipulwa, conducted a study tour to Desert Fruit Namibia (DFN).

The study tour is part of a course aimed at developing NDF Senior Officers to take up command and staff appointments and equip them with the necessary leadership skills and knowledge to master the aspects of their job. The aim of the DFN tour was to cement theoretical knowledge of officers in appreciating and understanding the economy of Namibia.

Seth Holmes, Managing Director of DFN expressed his appreciation with the visit of NDF and said it had been a great success. “We prepared a presentation as requested by the NDF on the organisational structure, values, goals and objectives, operational facilities and contribution to the economy. We were impressed with the questions asked and the eagerness which the NDF staff expressed in learning and gathering knowledge.”

Holmes added that private companies, SOE’s and other entities in Namibia had to work together to ensure growth and success of the country and its people. “We are a participant in the Namibian landscape and where possible lend a helping hand towards the overall development of Namibia. The country is made of many moving parts and the NDF is a significant part of the Namibian Landscape. We aim to support these learning experiences where possible.”

A statement by the NDF said that the internal Industrial Study Tour was an important part of the course curriculum and provided an insight into existing social-economic and infrastructure development of the country. “The tour was meant to acquaint the officers with Desert Fruit Namibia’s operational capability and to ascertain its contribution to Namibian food security. Most importantly, it was also meant to gather adequate information on how dates production contributes to the growth of the national economy. The outcome objectives of this study will culminate in research to determine how the agricultural sector influences national security.”

The Commandant and his delegation complimented DFN Managing Director Mr Seth Holmes and the entire staff for the in – depth knowledge imparted. “There were many insightful moments, but the most outstanding one was the social responsibility aspect by DFN through the construction of the Crèche and playground facility for workers’ children at the farm. That was a pleasing gesture and we encourage DFN to keep up the good work by facilitating the education of a Namibian Child,” says Wing Commander Thomas Imbili. The NDF was further impressed with the staff housing currently under construction as well as the environmental sustainability of the farm and protection of Fauna and Flora.