Desert Fruit Namibia, a date farm which actively farms and markets speciality varieties including Medjool, Zamli, Khallas and Barhi, has expressed confidence in the upcoming harvest of the fresh dates, which is envisaged for end January or early February 2020. Managing Director Seth Holmes advised that the company has been steadily improving its fresh offering, specifically with the Barhi variety and is focused on tonnage growth as well as quality.

“We know that our fresh dates are sought after, especially in the Middle and Far East and there has also been a steady growth market into Europe. We ship fresh and allow our dates to ripen at the consumer. This gives them the option to be eaten fresh at all stages of ripening, especially the Ruthab date.”

Technical Manager of the farm Charles Edmonds added that Desert Fruit has been working with the Barhi to bring a quality offering to the market. “Barhi is the traditional fresh varietal which offers large round fruit. Our farm production managers are confident of a good quality product in the New Year.”

Desert Fruit has previously exported fresh dates to the Far East, Indian Ocean islands, the Middle East the UAE and lately Europe is a growing market, adding to its export countries. The dates are air freighted within 72 hours of harvest to meet the highest quality demands of the market and ensure that the offering is of the best international standard. The next harvest will be ready for shipping before Ramadan.