Desert Fruit Kids crèche proudly celebrated their 2nd graduates on 11 December 2018. These children are ready to join Grade 1 at school next year and some of them will embark on their journey at the Ariamsvlei Primary School. Principal Forbes of the Ariamsvlei Primary School said she looked forward to welcoming the new scholars who have been prepared well in the Desert Fruit Kids crèche. Suzette Smit, Crèche Headmistress advised that the primary aim of the crèche was to provide employees’ children with a safe haven during the day when parents were at work on the farm. “We believe that creating a caring and loving environment will assist children to mentally engage, emotionally mature, and be more open to learning as they grow up. Providing a good education, having fun, making friends, preparing for primary school and developing life skills are all pillars of our Desert Fruit Kids commitment.”

In the photo from left are Christine Kavamba, Suzette Smit (Headmistress of the crèche), Managing Director of Desert Fruit Namibia Seth Holmes, Willemieke van der Stap-van den Nieuwenhuijzen (Benefactor) teacher Maria van der Byl, teacher Maria Immaneul and Lydia Sifaku.