Desert Fruit farm is located in the South East Karas Region of Namibia.

On a map, one can find the land listed under Skuitdrift, which used to be the official river crossing between the Union of South Africa and the old Duitswes-Afrika (German Southwest Africa). It was a German military outpost built in 1901, and there are still ruins and graves to be seen.

The farm remained a cattle post for many years. Due to its remote location, it was never developed to its full potential.


Desert Fruit was established in 2005. The first date palms were planted in 2006 to take advantage of a fifteen year window to produce fresh dates for Ramadan. The farm is one of a handful of date producers in the Southern Hemisphere. Thus far 22,000 trees have been planted. Production is expected to increase significantly over the coming years as successive plantings develop and more trees mature.